19 Jun

Finding Quality Keto Diet Plans

The ketogenic diet, often simply referred to as going keto, has gained a lot of popularity recently and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from often promoting rapid weight loss many who stay on keto report incredible results, feeling a sharp mental and physical clarity and vastly improved results from their blood tests measuring the overall health of their body. The keto diet is a very strict low carb diet that focuses on high fats, moderate protein, and very little carbs (and even those must be a very specific type).

This eating plan is excellent for controlling blood sugar levels, fighting insulin resistance, and in many cases for those who are morbidly obese this diet has had some major effects on helping them to lose weight fast and use that early encouragement to really run with their progress. For many fairly fit people who are already in good shape but can’t seem to ever get a six-pack, keto can help get those last few pounds off and encourage a ripped look.

The question is: how do you find a good keto plan to follow?

The main key here is understanding the foods that are allowed and those that aren’t. Keto isn’t so much about certain dishes as keeping certain macros in check. For example, staying under 50 grams of carbs a day is a necessity of staying in keto, which is the state that causes your body to burn fat as opposed to carbs. Increased fat burning is a good thing. How do you stay under that many carbs? Cut out sugars, potatoes, bread, rice, and any dishes that use them.

Make Five Meals

The best advice many people received is to make a small set of meals they then interchange throughout the day depending on what they’re in the mood for. By taking out the stress of planning this can work really well. Morning can be four eggs fried in ghee, side of microwaved veggies, three slices of avocado, and some fish or steak. A beanless chili that has double the meat, with some spinach added as roughage/filler could be an easy crock pot option. Grilled chicken breast with avocado slices, a leafy green salad, and a couple of hardboiled eggs sprinkled in sea salt could be another meal.

Think in terms of delicious meals that you love, remember that fiber carbs don’t count against the carb count (which is why veggies and leafy greens are great) and think of one or two dishes you want and come up with a keto version. Rice is off the menu but cauliflower rice is delicious if you want a stir fry, for example.

Stick with this and you can customize yourself a keto plan that works!

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